26 September 2010

"Poll-sh" Joke

This weekend, the L.A. Times circulated polling numbers that raised some eyebrows. The USC/L.A. Times polling indicated that in the California gubernatorial race Democrat Jerry Brown was leading Republican challenger by a 49% to 44% margin. While this statistical snapshot is counter to most other recent surveys, it sounds almost plausible. But the same poll also indicates that in the mid-term elections California Senator Barbara Boxer is leading Republican challenger Carly Fiorina by a 51% to 43% margin.

If this were true, this would be news as Boxer has been unable to break the 50% re-elect rate, which is crucial for this three term Senator. But when you look at the internals, this LA Times effort is a headline grabbing Poll-ish joke. The survey sample did poll likely voters, but the pool was made up of 44% registered Democrats to 36% registered Republicans and 16% who declined to answer. As political consultant Michael Murphy points out in Hot Air, exit polling in the 2008 election was 42% Ds to 30% Rs and 28% Independents but this flawed poll effectively proportions likely voters at 55% Ds, 35% Rs and 9% Is. Of course, the incumbents looked so good with rose colored glasses

But this Blue Plate Special kicked up with special sauce will lead the headlines this weekend, ignoring the evident ire of the electorate.This report was not intended to inform readers but to obfuscate for their ideological overlords. No wonder that this outpost of the Lamestream Media can't give away its newspapers to staunch declining circulation numbers.

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