22 April 2011

Poetry in Motion Celebrating Earth Day

After being Blinded with Science from the East Anglia hockey stick fixed data about the Climategate anthropogenic Global Warming, it is apropos  to celebrate this years Earth Day with sardonic skepticism.

With this in mind, here is a  poetic gem dedicated to Gaia that was penned by Nobel Peace Prize Winner (2007), subject of the Oscar Winning Documentary (2007) , Grammy Winner (2009), Emmy Winner (2007), Webby Winner (2005) and the 2000 Presidential Election Popular Vote Winner former Vice President Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. as recited by Glenn Beck and cohorts on Beck’s “Elegant Eliminations” Tour.

Truly, it was poetry in motion worth coverage by Keith Olbermann on CurrentTV.  Of course, that’s Al Gore’s cable channel with his star anchor who was previously banished from MSNBC.

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