12 September 2011

It Isn't Easy Believing Green

Considering the blind faith and fanaticism of believers of anthropogenic Climate Change theory, it could be considered a religion.  But based on the scandals, corruption and need to hold revivals, it seems proto-Manmade Climate Change are Losing Their Religion so to speak.

The Obama Administration has made touting Green Energy as a cornerstone of their stimulus national budgetary “investments”.  Additionally, to symbolize the Administration’s commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, President Obama personally went to Copenhagen in 2009 to endorse the concept of higher energy prices to try to mitigate manmade CO2 emissions. But Obama’s eight-minute speech in Copenhagen did not convince Congress to effectively cede U.S. sovereignty for a specious theory. And opinion polls indicate that American concerns about climate change have fallen from 62% in 2007 to 48% in 2011.

Even though Green Jihadists will dismiss climate change “deniers” as being anti-science,  bitter xenophobes who cling to their guns and their bibles, there is good reason to be skeptical about the authenticity of Climate Change models.  Anthropogenic Climate Change proponents cling to data coming from East Anglia University which showed a hockey stick model which bolstered their beliefs. But just before the Copenhagen 2009 “synod”, leaked e-mails revealed that the East Anglia “scientists” manipulated their data, had personal doubts about the conclusion and sought to suppress contradictory evidence.  Oh H-E-double Hockey Sticks!

President Obama keeps pointing to Spain’s “The Sun Moves Us” initiative as a model for a green economy.   There are a couple of problems with emulated this solar Castle in Spain.  Firstly, the government subsidy spread funding to shoddy solar panels which did not last long. The Spanish government subsidy was so lavish that much of the funding went to solar panel manufacturers in China. The Zapatera government created a boom and bust solar economy that resulted in solar ghost towns, like Sesena Nuevo 30 miles south of Madrid.  And talk about the green jobs in Spain–the official unemployment rate is a mere 21%.  No wonder why thousands of young Spaniards gathered at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid as well as other cities in May.  This could explain why Spain’s governing Socialist sustained heavy losses in the spring elections.

When President Obama was trying to sell his American Recovery Act in 2009, he alluded to dire consequences unless America committed funds to a bevy of “shovel ready” projects to create a clean energy economy.  But experience has taught Americans that the $787 Million in stimulus was actually Porkulus which financed shady crony capitalism, especially for FOBs (Friends of Barack).  For instance, the legislation earmarked $4.3 Billion for “fossil energy research and development” with a $2 Billion for “near zero emission clean coal powerplant(s)”.  Well, oddly enough, only the FutureGen coal gasification plant in Mattoon, Illinois could possibly qualify for that $2 Billion line item.   Supporting the incertion of the FutureGen line item included ex-Governor Rod Blogojevich (D-IL), former House Majority Leader Rep. Dick Gephart (D-MO 3rd), a former aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and former House Appropriations Chairman Rep. Bob Livingston (R-LA 1st).  That is a lot of lobbying muscle for a surgical strike stimulus line item for a technology which many environmentalists and renewable fuel advocates claim is an impossibility.

If that is not enough to demonstrate how Obama Administration clean energy stimulus spending is a piggy bank for political friends and home state boondoggles, consider the case of Solyndra.  In 2010, President Obama trekked out to Fremont, California to visit the Solyndra solar manufacturing plant which had received over a half billion dollars of 2009 stimulus funding.  Last month, Solyndra filed for bankruptcy.  The owner of Solyndra is Obama fundraiser George Kaiser, who has only visited the White House 16 times since Obama took office.  Synchronicity?  More like crony capitalism.

Former Vice President Al Gore, Jr. has made a fortune hawking the myth of Manmade Climate Change.  His Powerpoint presentation was converted into a documentary film An Inconvenient Truth (2006) grossed nearly $50 Million worldwide. An Inconvenient Truth won Gore an Oscar (2007), a Grammy (2009) and a shared Nobel Peace Prize (2007) It is safe to say that Gore embodied the spirit of the liberal intelligencia. Schools made watching the film mandatory for students, even though an English court found nine substantial errors in the film.

Gore had been called to testify before Congressional Committees as an expert witness on energy and environmental issues, even though Gore stood to substantially profit from the proposed policy changes.  Gore defiantly declared that he was putting his money where his mouth was when he responded “"Do you think there is something wrong with being active in business in this country? I am proud of it. I am proud of it.” Gore’s $75 Million investment in Silver Spring Network could reap dividends from its share of a $3.4 Billion grant from the Department of Energy for smart grid technology and make Al Gore the first Carbon Billionaire.

General Electric has not been shy about embracing the green mantra.  When G.E. owned NBC Universal in 2007, it devoted 75 hours of free broadcasting on NBC, CNBC, Bravo, Sundance, Universal HD and Telemundo for Gore’s “Live Earth: Concerts for a Climate in Crisis”. G.E’s lobbying filings in 2009 seemed like it was proselytizing the Gospel of Gore.  But their were business incentives for their embracing green policies–the green from government grants, tax incentives and the management of prospective new environmental markets.

Naturally, G.E. could get green from Uncle Sam for starting wind power projects or solar energy spots.  But the big money concern was profiting from Carbon Credits.  G.E. lobbied heavily for a Cap and Trade System rather than a straight tax system, so that the credits would be exchanged via G.E.’s new Greenhouse Gas Services unit.  Who else had a hand in crafting from the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)?  Are you surprised to learn that it was community organizer Barack Hussain Obama?  Even more interesting is the fact that one of the major investors was Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management.  It's too bad that Cap-and-Tax did not pass the Senate in 2009 and the CCX subsequently folded.

Now that belief in the myth of manmade Climate Change is in the doldrums, Al Gore wants to hold a revival to rail against climate deniers.  On Wednesday and Thursday, Gore will hold “24 Hours of Reality”, which will broadcast an Al Gore presentation every hour for each time zone to convince the public about climate change. It might be more beneficial if Gore spent his energies concentrating on releasing his chakra.

Typically, the left is contemptuous of authentic expressions of Judeo-Christianity as being knuckle draggers for not worshiping their scientifically driven progressive policies.  But the Sun King and the Pretender to the Throne ought well to be turning green with nausea for a simple glance in the mirror would reveal that the Environmental and Energy Emperor is not wearing any clothes.  Such an epiphany should make us all sick.

H/T: Tim Carney, Washington Examiner

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