29 October 2011

Beat It Occupy Wall Street

Even though the Occupy Wall Street protesters do not have a coherent political message, they all march to the beat of a different drummer.  Well, many drums. In order to accentuate the left leaning agitprop from what Karl Marx would call the Useful Idiots, there is the constant beat of drums, much to the consternation of their neighbors in lower Manhattan.  It is like a perpetual drum circle by the Wharf Rats at a Grateful Dead concert pre-show, albeit without the sobriety or the cheese sandwich marketeers trying to scrape up enough money to go to the next show.

The neighbors of Zuccotti Park may be ideologically sympathetic to the lefty message but they are tired of having to live with its cacophony and its filth. They have been forced to listen to the loud drumming drone that occurs from 9 am to 10 pm since September 17th.  The Community Board representing the residents of the Financial District has met eleven times to address concerns stemming from the Occupy Wall Street Protest interlopers.  But the board is conflicted as it issued a non-binding resolution endorsing the protestors rights of free speech and peaceful assembly but beseeched them to correct sanitation and noise ordinance issues.

Other satellite Occupy movements have been plagued by rapes at their protests, which organizers would prefer to handle “in house”.  In London, Occupy interlopers set up tents at the entrance of St. Paul’s Cathedral, which closed the iconic house of worship yet thermal imaging shows that 90% of the protestor’s tents were empty at night. So the Occupiers could sleep in their warm beds before putting in a hard day of drumming their points, whatever they may be. Due to the English squatters laws, they had better be careful that they are not hoisted by their own petard by squatters law about abandoning abodes.

In New York, the NYPD and NYFD took away gas cannisters and generators from the Occupy Wall Street protestors for public safety purposes.  I suspect that a lack of power and heat might dissuade the rabble rousers from staying on site during the upcoming Devil’s Night Nor’Easter snowstorm.

Whenever these Occupiers do take their drums and go home to their parents’ basements, one can take schadenfreude solace that prolonged exposure to loud drumming (at 110 decibels) can cause deafness.  That way they can be both deaf and dumb. Or at least they could say something coherent when they speak up instead of relying on percussive syncopation to drive home their message.

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