02 December 2011

Meghan McCain Reveals Herself on MSNBC Debut

Meghan McCain doing blog posting
Meghan McCain attracted a lot of attention through her blogging during the 2008 Presidential race of her father, Senator John McCain (R-AZ).  The Lamestream Media latched onto McCain for her outspokenness, her maverick tendencies and as a youth spokesman.  Meghan had been the panelist on Sunday Talking Heads shows, like ABC’s This Week, supposedly as a Republican voice, even though her progressive predilections were anything but representative of the GOP.

Meghan landed her first regular on-air media gig as a contributor on MSNBC’s “Now with Alex Wagner”.  For Miss McCain’s first official contribution, she interviewed GOP Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN 6th).  Meghan made her debut memorable.

First, Meghan McCain set up the interview with the second tier Presidential candidate by observing:

I famously said a statement earlier where I said that Michele Bachmann was the poor man’s Sarah Palin, and after meeting this woman I am completely wrong. This is the thinking man’s Sarah Palin.

In today’s media environment, it’s acceptable to offer journalism with some declared point of view.  This would be welcomed on the NBC networks, which had infamously introduced Rep. Bachmann appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show with a “Lying Ass Bitch” musical bumper.  Many consider the Peakcock networks as simply being shills for the Obama Administration. But it is remarkable that Meghan starts by making herself the focal point of the story’s  framing.

It is bizarre that Bachmann even consented to be interviewed by Meghan McCain. Aside from the prior “poor man’s Sarah Palin” slam, Meghan labeled Bachman as  “one rogue woman” after her State of the Union reply.

Miss McCain continued her comparison between Rep. Bachmann and Gov. Sarah Palin by declaring “I just thinks she‘s [Bachmann] older and more established and you know she’s been a member of Congress for a very long time.”  While it is true that the Minnesota Representative is eight years older than the former Alaska Governor, Bachmann has only been in Congress for two and a half terms (five years for the civics challenged).  That constitutes a long time?

The coup de grâce for Meghan McCain’s credibility was her assessment viz-a-viz Bachmann over Palin “I think she’s — this is going to get me in trouble — but I actually I think she’s just more smarter.”  While today’s casual cable reporting may accept some informal language, one can not help but think of the Mark Twain’s axiom “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt .”

In her remarkable maiden report for MSNBC, Meghan McCain has proven herself to be a big boob–thus she is perfect for MS-DNC (sic).  The Megabrains of MessNBC (sic)--the self proclaimed place for politics that leans forward--gave an evening news show to Al Sharpton, a rabble rousing progressive community activist who has difficulty reading a teleprompter.

Meghan McCain seems like the poster child for a celebutard which the Lamestream Media shines lots of attention to advance an agenda, but throws away when their presence no longer supports “the cause” or becomes unnecessary.  Do you remember Levi Johnston, the former fiancé of Bristol Palin and her daughter’s babby daddy?  After Johnston had a falling out with Sarah Palin’s family, the then 19 year old was vaulted into modeling jobs, acting bit parts, considered running for mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (one of Palin’s early political posts)  and being a source for scurrilous slander against Saracuda. When Gov. Palin opted not to enter the 2012 GOP Presidential Nomination race, the Deer in the Headlights career disappeared.

Cindy Sheehan "leading" protest at Camp Casey
How about Cindy Sheehan?   She was the aggrieved Iraq war mother who won incredible amounts of media attention camping out at President George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas estate for (another) meeting with the wartime Commander in Chief.  Of course the Lamestream Media never revealed the media circus which hyped and artificially amplified “Camp Casey”.  Cindy Sheehan was a media celebrity throughout the George W. Bush Administration.  But when Sheehan continued her activism as Peace Mom during the regime of President Barack Obama, Sheehan became persona non grata on the Lamestream Media since the agenda was not to protest the President about war.

Celebutards need to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame because after you are no longer a useful idiot, deeply superficial types are tossed in attic.  Reading about Andy Warhol should be quite instructive.

Amongst Meghan McCain’s attributes for landing a national cable job was being a reliable political gadfly with a famous father.  But not all celebrity scions stink at broadcast journalism.   Peter Doocey, the son of Fox and Friends morning anchor Steve Doocey, has done a credible job doing general weekend reporting for the Fox News Channel.  And Luke Russert, son of legendary Meet the Press host Tim Russert has done remarkable job reporting for NBC Networks.

While as NBC New Congressional Correspondent last year, Luke Russert challenged 80 year old ethically embattled Representative Charlie Rangel (D-NY 15th) to answer hard questions about his political fate.   And recently, Russert refused to be bullied by MSNBC host Martin Bashir into parroting left wing talking points against House Republicans.

Sometimes the apple does not fall far from the tree and we can enjoy its fruits. But other produce does not seem as mature or for some girls, one is appealing on the outside but don't bite the big apple lest one be Shattered as its  full of maggots.

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