07 February 2012

Making a Mockery of "Half Time in America"

Fiat Chrysler spent $14 million in advertising for the Super Bowl, including a two minute PSA like message "Half Time in America" narrated by Clint Eastwood.  Considering that "Half Time in America" did little to advance the Chrysler brand per see, it seemed more like an  oblique Obama 2012 in kind re-election ad.

Conservatives have taken umbrage at using the icon  Dirty Harry actor who is a registered Republican to promote an automotive bailout which he did not initially support.  Rush Limbaugh quickly concocted a piercing parody of Chrysler commercial.

Not to be outdone, Reason.tv prepared a biting burlesque video of "Half Time in America" that  is hilarious as well as being rooted in reality.

The 1984 Apple ad only ran once during the Super Bowl but it made a lasting impression.  Unfortunately for Chrysler, "Half Time in America" may be run ad nausea this fall but the risible resonance will remain.  Been there, done that but got another tee shirt.

H.T: RushLimbaugh.com
H.T.: Reason.TV
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