12 March 2012

Overcoming Obama's Invincibly Ignorant

It is amazing that in just over 37 months of the Obama Administration, unemployment rates have been officially above 8% during that entire time period (and significantly higher if one includes discouraged workers that dropped out of the workforce).  Congress passed a $837 Billion Stimulus (a.k.a. "Porkulous") package to abate the rising unemployment rate to no avail, while raising the National Debt by over $4 Trillion in just three years.  Moreover, since President Obama was elected, gasoline prices have more than doubled nationally.  But the Obama energy policy has generally prohibited drilling on federal lands or off-shore and rejecting the Keystone XL pipeline from Canadian petroleum sources . Instead, the Obama Administration continues to bolster green energy initiatives, which results in wasteful subsidies for mature but inefficient alternative energy producers, or making bets on new technologies that supplement crony capitalism, a la Solyndra.

Despite these damning facts, Obama continues to poll support in the low 40s%, which roughly corresponds to the number of registered Democrats.  Some cynical political observers liken Obama's undying support to being akin to an Obama Cult of Personality. There was the meme in 2008 of treating Barack Obama as the Chosen One or a political messiah

Right wing partisans have long recognized Barack Obama's 2008 campaign of Hope and Change as cult of personality propaganda.  Viral videos capitalized on the funky hard rock fusion sounds of Living Color to score their point.

Glenn Beck went further, by composing an Obama Anthem to the tune of the Soviet National Anthem (Song of Stalin).

But the American people spoke in November 2008 and sent the candidate whose claims to fame were being a community organizer and a United States Senator for two years to the Oval Office.

Even after three years of Obama in power, Obama seeks to blame shift to his predecessor while banking on a perpetual campaign of class warfare to gain re-election.  These themes can be seen in  director David Guggenheim's adoring campaign video "The Road We've Traveled" (narrated by Tom Hanks).

While promoting his upcoming campaign agiprop film, Guggenheim was asked by CNN's Pierce Morgan on whether his film reveled any negatives about Obama.  Guggenheim's response was that there were too many positives to put into a 17 minute film.  This laughable response was followed by Guggenheim's admission that the director was in awe of Obama.

This star eyed response seems proto-typical of the block of Obama's invincibly ignorant who love the ideas espoused in the candidate of Hope and Change, but never consider the facts.  People may choose to believe in what they want, but that blind faith is aided by the Lamestream Media, which never seriously vetted Barack Obama and which serve as the White House stenographers instead of being a Press Corps.

There are several things which voters need to do to survive the onslaught of Obama-Zombies.  Firstly, do not give up hope, as it is not Zombieland-USA.   The Lamestream Media is wont to report polling in ways that are favorable to their interests.  Many of the polls cited probably have skewed questions or over-sample Democrats (or under-sample Independents)

Secondly, do not allow the opposition to succeed in Saul Alinsky tactics of framing the argument by smearing your opponent.  For instance, the HHS Contraception mandate is now being spun by Obama sycophants as being a war on womens' health with Georgetown Law School student/political agitator Sandra Fluke as its martyr.  The argument against the Obamacare HHS Qualified Health Plan Mandate should continue to be presented as an unprecedented and unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment's right of religious liberty.

Thirdly, Republicans must not allow themselves to be sidetracked by ad hominen, wedge issue attacks like outlawing contraception.  This is really a false flag attack by the media which deserves some response, but by lingering on the issue drives candidates off point and colors the candidate.  For instance, former Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) is being tarred by the Contraception questions which give casual spectators of political theater the impression that he is just a social issues candidate, when he really has a strong blue collar Conservative economic platform that gets shunted to the side.  Not everyone can be as convincingly combative as Newt Gingrich during debates, but Gingrich's slap-down of Meet the Press host's David Gregory's extraneous lead question can generate earned media and inspire others to straighten up and fly right.

Lastly, keep hammering home the shortcomings of the Obama Administration.  The curtailment of basic liberties to accommodate Obamacare, the real pocket-book effects of encroaching environmental policies, the diplomatic fecklessness of Obama's State Department may not convince the invincibly ignorant to your camp, but they may not be motivated to go to the polls on election day. But by contrasting the Obama Administration's dubious record with a concise, concrete and positive platform, Independents can be inspired to walk over broken glass to exercise their franchise. While Republicans are engaged in an intense Presidential Primary fight, there can be a sense of disunity.  But disgruntled conservative partisans ought to remember Benjamin Franklin's entreaty: "We must all hang together or else we will all hang separately" in November as we contemplate FOUR MORE YEARS OF THIS?

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