01 June 2012

W Apocalypse in the White House

An "augmented" Unveiling by President George W. Bush of his White House Portrait

Former President George W. Bush and his extended family (including "41" a.k.a. former President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara) returned to the White House to see the unveiling of the 43rd President's official portrait by John Howard Sanden.

The portrait shows President George W. Bush standing in the Oval Office in front of a painting "A Charge to Keep" by WHD Koerner (1916) which depicts a horseman charging up a rugged mountain trail, followed by others.  This painting had great significance to President Bush as he associated the Charge to Keep painting with a scriptural paraphrase by Charles Wesley hymn about Leviticus 8:35, as it reminded him that we serve one greater than ourselves.

Compare the gracious and humorous remarks between former President George W. Bush and the variation on a blame Bush stump speech by host President Barack Obama.

No wonder why Rush Limbaugh suggested that it would only be just to add a "Miss Me Yet" thought  bubble to newly unveiled official portrait. 

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