20 August 2012

Dogged Dhimmitude in Canuckistan

Still from footage of Allain Eintoss Arrest  (Source: Blazing Cat Fur)

Allain Eintoss, a Toronto resident,was assaulted and  arrested for walking his leashed therapy dog in a public park because it offended the sensibilities of Muslim protestors. During this year’s annual  Al Quds protest  in Queen’s Park, Toronto, in front of the Legislature in Ontario, Canada, which rallied anti-Israel sentiments against the supposed apartheid in the holy city of Jerusalem.

There was also a counter protest by supporters of Israel and the Jewish Defense League on the other end of the Park. The Metropolitan Toronto Police and the Ontario Provincial Police separated the demonstrators at opposite ends of the park with a bicycle barrier.

Allain Eintoss certainly sympathizes with the pro  Israel camp but proclaims himself as a big supporter of free speech went to Queen’s Park to walk around the public space.  He walked on both sides of the park his English Mastiff named “Cupcake”  with no problem for over an hour without incident.  Eintoss  interacted with a couple of girls on the Al Quds side who enquired about the type of dog was his Cupcake.

Then Eintoss heard a voice telling him that he could not walk there with his dog.  Eintoss replied that it was Canada and he could walk where-ever he wanted.  The police began to talk to Eintoss and then he was punched in the chest. Eintoss pushed back and the police jumped in and detained Eintoss.  The policeman was agitated as he accused Eintoss of inciting a riot and being insensitive presumably for  for having a dog around Muslims.  The lawman blustered that the incident would be going into Eintoss’s file and would be considered a prior if there was trouble the next time.  After consulting with his superiors, the policeman noted that Eintoss could either walk away or be jailed.  Since it was a Saturday, there was no magistrate available to paper the arrest so if the detainee took the latter choice that Eintoss would be jailed until Monday.  Eintoss took the first choice and left.

If Eintoss’s actions were exacerbating a volatile situation, a word to the wise would have sufficed rather than throwing the book at someone who is assaulted.  The petty police brutality and bluster seems very familiar for LEOs who are too full of themselves stationed around halls of power.  But that fact is minor league compared to the diminishment of rights in a democracy by catering to political correctness and submitting to dhimmitude.

Eintoss believed that in a free country he could walk where-ever he wanted to in a public space.  It seems not so much, especially if an agitator from favored or protected minorities like Islamists object.  In a Caliphate environment, non-Muslims are second-class citizens who are only tolerated if they pay the Jizya tax.  Nanny State political correctness just hastens the practice.

The other factor to contemplate is that Canada, and Ontario in particular, prides itself on an aggressive application of Human Rights Commission cases against intolerant speech.  In 2007, columnist to the world Mark Steyn wrote a supposed inflammatory column for MacLean’s Magazine entitled “The Future Belongs to Islam”.  This insult was not actionable for a deprivation of Steyn’s liberty but was still condemned as irresponsible journalism for suggesting Islamophobic ideas.  To which, Steyn countered:

[E]xplicitly threatens to reduce them to a maple-flavoured variant of Pravda... [A]n alarming proportion of the Dominion's ‘media workers’ seem relatively relaxed about playing the role of eunuchs to the Trudeaupian sultans.

One would think that in a Province which prides itself on a vigorous Human Rights Commission and protecting people from being offended that the Ontario government might look askance at the defamatory rhetoric which has been a part of the Toronto Al Quds rallies since there inception in 1979.  Despite video evidence by Environment Minister Peter Kent (Tory-Thornhill, Ont.) from last year’s Al Quds, the Sergeant at Arms still granted the permit as the footage was insufficient to deny a permit.

OK but by the same token someone who claims being offended by walking a therapy dog in a public space is enough to deprive citizens of their liberties.  With upside down sensibilities like that, maybe the lyrics to the national anthem should be changed to “Uh, Oh Canadistan”

If the Political Correctness want more proof of the intolerance of the Al Quds crowd, consider the anonymous phoned in death threats to Eintoss after the incident.  Is “We are going to kill you, you dirty jew" sufficient or does there have to be a decapitation first before you ignore it?

h/t: Blazing Cat Fur
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