13 February 2013

SOTU Reactions--Stay Thirsty My Friends

During Senator Marco Rubio's (R-FL) Republican response to the 2013 State of the Union speech, he experienced some cotton mouth and took a swig of water which was stored slightly out of frame. 

Perhaps he should have wet the whistle between giving his Spanish State of the Union rebuttal  and the English edition. 

Admittedly, the optics of this "Water-gate" were awkward.  Even the cameraman in the Speaker's ante-chamber blurted out "Uh oh". In follow up media appearances, Rubio used self-deprecating humor to minimize the muffed moment.  But it is sad to think that this slight media misstep dominates the coverage of the evening.  

Over the hour when President Obama gave his 6500 word State of the Union speech (the second shortest SOTU during his presidency), there were many incredible utterances which should make political watchers squirm.  Mr. Obama claimed to have reduced the deficit by $2 Trillion during his time in office.  The White House must have employed some creative accountants to conjure up that false factoid, as the deficit had grown by $6 trillion over four years.  Then there was the audacity of hope which Obama exclaimed that his 29 new programs won't cost taxpayers any more money.  If that is true, it must mean that there will be unfunded federal madates to the states to cover universal pre-school.  Another Federal mandate which gets dumped on cash strapped states. 

But instead of exploring the impact of the laundry list of new Obama initiatives, it was "smarter government" for the Obama stenographers posing as the elite Liberal Media to promote the "Zero Dark Thirsty" meme.   So instead of thirsting for the truth,  the Lamestream Media sates itself by spreading the snark which is an ad hominem attack on Obama's opponent. 

For those who care about the country, it is wise to stay thirsty for the truth, even if it is lampooned by the Liberal Media.

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