03 April 2013

An Animated Dr. Benjamin Carson Speaks Out

Dr. Benjamin Carson, MD is the head of pediatric neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr. Carson has been a public figure since gave the keynote speech at the 1997 National Prayer Breakfast when he challenges attendees to “Think Big” when encouraging young people to care about their fellow men, to develop their God given talents to the utmost and to have values and principles in their live.  President George W. Bush awarded Dr. Carson the Medal of Freedom in 2008. 

Dr. Ben Carson receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom September 2008 

When Dr. Carson gave the keynote speech for the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, he touched upon a thornier themes of how Americans freedoms can be impinged by financial imprudence with the impending implementation of Obamacare in front of President Barack Obama.   Since then, Carson has been vocal in voicing his view on politics as he promotes his latest book “America the Beautiful”.

As Dr. Carson is challenging  shibboleths about health care, political correctness and class expectations of viewpoints, liberals have been loathe to appreciate Dr. Carson’s political injections into the national conversation.   After an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity Show, where Dr. Carson seemingly lumped homosexuals with pedophiles and proponents of bestiality as wanting to challenge traditional cultural definitions like marriage.  This prompted eight students to protest Dr. Carson’s slated commencement speech at Johns Hopkins University.  Dr. Carson seems to have pronounced this invitation dead in response.

In this agitated environment, Dr. Benjamin Carson gave an animated interview with Mark Levin:

Carson, who has decided to retire from his medical practice, seems intent on continuing to speak out on the affairs of state.  Carson’s message is music to conservatives ears. As Dr. Carson is a soothing speaker sharing conservative views without being associated with Republicans, it should be expected that liberal opponents mired in the politics of personal destruction will continue to lob verbal bombs hoping that it will tarnish Carson’s almost unimpeachable persona.  

It would not be surprising if Dr. Carson aspires for higher elective office.    Thoughtful voters should consider any candidates credentials, their world view as well as their ideas when deciding who should govern them, rather than keying on gaffes, innuendo and tired partisan platitudes. 

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