09 February 2011

No Lee-way for Craigslist Cheating Congressman

Second term Congressman Christopher Lee (R-NY 26th) resigned immediately after it became public that he was exchanging flirtatious e-mails with a woman under a fictitious identity on Craigslist. Now there will have to be a special election for New York 26th Congressional District.

According to Gawker, Rep. Lee answered an Women Seeking Men ad on the Washington edition of Craigslist.  The plucky ad copy seeks a photo exchange to ensure that she would not be kissing a toad in her old age.  He replied indicating that he was a classy 39 year old divorced lobbyist, while in actuality Chris Lee is a married 46 year old now former Congressman.

Within four hours, Rep. Chris Lee went from hints of denial to pledging to work it out with his wife, while vacating his seat.  Since Lee resigned almost immediately upon publication, it is currently unclear if Lee ever engaged in a dangerous liaison with his phantom flame. But what is clear is that ex-Congressman Chris Lee imprudently sent his cyber interlocutor a shirtless pose without his face obscured.

Democrat hacks have been circulating stories for months about Speaker Boehner having exposure in a sex scandal.  It is ironic that these are the same partisans who argued that President Clinton’s peccadillos were just about (extramarital) sex.  Considering the rapidity of Lee’s departure, if there is something to the whispers about the Speaker, these wagging tongues had better bring it quickly to build on the bandwagon.

Since Chris Lee resigned his seat so swiftly after this news broke, the Republican caucus probably exerted strong pressure for Lee to retreat from Capitol Hill so that the wound does not fester.  It seems that Republicans refuse to be tarred by sexual aspersions that would poison public perception and prevent detract the new Majority from governing.  The strategy seems to have worked as neither the national media nor broadcasts Between the Beltways mentioned the alleged affair and aftermath later that evening.

So expect that Republican caucus will not give any leeway to scandal, unlike former Speaker Pelosi who promised to have the most ethical Congress ever, but who certainly did not deliver.

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