18 February 2011


During a debate in the House of Representatives on an amendment to defund aspects over last year’s health care law, Minority Chief Party Whip Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL 20th) formally objected to the use of the term “Obamacare”.

After two Republicans referenced the controversial health care law as “Obamacare”, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz made a parliamentary inquiry as to whether these “disparaging remarks” should be allowed on the House floor.  Wasserman-Schultz alleged:

That is a disparaging reference to the president of the United States; it is meant as a disparaging reference to the president of the United States, and it is clearly in violation of the House rules against that...

The chair deferred on ruling since the inquiry was about a hypothetical over the term “Obamacare”,  but the chair encouraged members "refrain from engaging in personalities or descriptions about personalities in general."

It is curious that at least according to the Democrat’s Chief Party Whip, associating Obama with health care is disparaging.  Immediately after the exchange, five term Congressman Denny Rehburg (R-MT AL), who authored the  Amendment, still referred to the healthcare law as Obamacare and rhetorically wondered why the President would not want his name attached to his signature achievement. Rep. Steve King (R-IA 5th) also referred to it as Obamacare.

Controlling public policy debate through a thought police may work with willing Lamestream Media scribes but it is dubious when conducting the work of legislating.  Perhaps Democrats will follow their Cheesehead comrades in arms and will leave the jurisdiction since they object to the legislative outcomes.  Rumor has it that Club Gitmo is pretty nice and the Obama Administration will still keep it open. But out of deference to the tender sensibilities of Democrats who are the minority party of the House, maybe we should refer to this Administration’s landmark legislation as “Zero-care”, since that what taxpayers will experience if a broke federal government takes over 1/7th of the economy.

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