27 March 2011

Celebrating the Cherry Blossoms Between The Beltways

One of the joys of living between the beltways is seeing the Cherry Blossoms in the Spring. This period tends to be the ten days of pleasant non-humid weather that we experience in the swamp where the Nation's Capitol was built. The grove that surrounds the Tidal Basin was a gift from the people of Japan in 1912.

This year's National Cherry Blossom Festival had a somber start to remember the victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Northern Japan. Alas, the weather this morning made it more like the Chilly Blossoms as DC received a light dusting of snow.


But the beautiful blooms are not just limited to the 3,750 trees around the Tidal Basin. One can spot these fragile blossoms throughout the city. It can turn a quotidian stroll to the post office in downtown DC into a pretty nice walk.

By St. Aloysius Catholic Church, Capitol Hill North
Motherhood Statue, by American Red Cross Nat'l HQ


If one knows where the Japanese Cherry Trees have a Northern Exposure, this celebration can be extended well into April. As for the Tidal Basin, the peak bloom is estimated to be on April 4th. For those who can not traipse between the blossoms, enjoy the Cherry Blossom Cam.


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