22 March 2011

Warped Combat Rock

If Qaddafi has been paying attention to President Barack Obama's ever "evolving" announcements, he must think that he is listening to the Clash's Combat Rock album. 

While the Libyan Dictator did his version of "Rock The Casbah", ordering his fighter jets to gun down his own rebelling people, Obama proclaimed that "It's time for Qaddafi to go" but the United States did nothing. As the Libyan rebels were on the verge of defeat, the United Nations passed a resolution that imposed a No Fly Zone and France, Britain and the US established air dominance over the Libyan skies by threatening to send Qaddafi "straight to hell." The Obama had the temerity to tell Congressional Aides that we were not at war, nothwithstanding firing 165 Cruise Missiles into Libya. Yet Obama insisted that America we were abiding by promises of limited military aims although our ultimate objective was regime change.

Allahpundit at Hot Air labeled the warped war objectives the Mission du Jour. Today there were three switches in the special. The day started by doubling down on the ultimate objective of removing Qaddafi. The thinking evolved later in the day to be a message that America hoped to help "installing a democracy". When there were reports that there were talks to have Qaddafi quietly leave Libya, Obama opined that there may be an opportunity for Qaddafi to "change his approach" and put into place "significant reforms" to the Libyan government. It is questionable if the current objective is intended to give him enough rope. If Qaddafi enjoyed punk rock, he should belt out the hit Clash tune "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" to these discombobulated demarches . But Qaddafi's taste in music seems more oriented toward Mariah Carey and Beyonce, but I doubt that the Colonel is humming "Ring the Alarm".

The fog of war can confuse soldiers in the front lines as well as their commanders. But this seems to be showing a Commander In Chief who is confused and is soldiering through a warped track. It is preferable to have a President who is resolute and makes measured moves. Currently, I'm inclined to think of the Clash's final album "Cut The Crap".

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