30 November 2011

District of Cocktails?

The HDNet‘s Series “Drinking Made Easy”  had an episode based in D.C.which they dubbed “The District of Cocktails.”

The hosts highlighted a couple of celebrity cocktails.  First there was a libation dedicated to President B.J. Clinton which uses Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Cream and Blue Caraçao.  How apt.  To make it, Mix vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream in a shaker. Pour into glass and then add blue caraçao.

Another DC drink dedicated to a decadent DC city father is the Marion Berry (D-DC) which uses Blueberry Vodka, Ice and Coke.  I guess that the flavored vodka embodied his (dis)Honor and the ice and soda was a nod to the bust by the FBI of the DC mayor for smoking crack at the Vista Hotel on January 18, 1990.

While the concoction might be less symbolic, a tastier but déclassé drink was the “Yack and Coke”  (cognac and coke) which the supposed mayor for life was quaffing when the undercover bust went down.  Reportedly, Berry blurted out “The damn bitch set me up. Now how’s about another drink before you cuff me.”

I fondly remember the tap room of the defunct funky brewpub Bardo Rodeo in Arlington, Virginia.  On the wall, there was a special mural depicting Marion Berry.

Taproom of Bardo Rodeo Brewpub circa mid 1990s

The show also depicted a Beertail which sounded delightful.  The Neopolitan uses framboise (a Belgian  raspberry Lambic ale), a witbier (a Belgian white wheat beer) and a Chocolate Stout.  If you elect to make this beertail, mix the Framboise and the Belgian White into 2/3 of glass then float the Chocolate Stout on top.

And I thought that it was just the District of Calamity.

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