17 November 2011

Pre-Occupied with Stern's Private Parts

During a live-shot in Manhattan following the flushing of the Occupy Moment from Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, a local Fox reporter’s broadcast was repeatedly obstructed by a priapically occupied Howard Stern fan.

While it is concerning to have rabble-rousers obstructing the media covering the news, there is a certain poetic justice in this instance.  Throughout  the nearly two months of the Occupy Wall Street, their counter culture street theater protests have not offered a coherent message save an unstated intent for publicity when being “evicted” from their pied-de-terre.

Instead of going out in a blaze of glory, the chronically of the self-Occupied Wall Street protestors’ plight is punctuated by the adolescent obnoxious ejaculations of a Howard Stern prankster.

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