06 September 2012

Those Hoppy with Obama in Charlotte

At the Democrat National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, there was a lot of pandering to identity groups.  One of the more interesting special interest groups which received attention were craft brewers.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO), was one of the founders of Wynkoop Brewing in Denver. During Hickenlooper's  time as the Mayor of Denver, the microbrewing wave continued to thrive in the Mile High city. But also on the DNC dais was Bill Butcher, the founder of Port City Brewing in Alexandria, Virginia.  Butcher was there to tout the Obama Administration's record helping small business start ups.

Mother Earth Brewing, a craft brewery from Kinston, North Carolina, prepared Endless River for the DNC Convention.  It helps that Mother Earth Brewing prides itself on being environmentally conscious,  using solar power, blue jean insulation, and soy spray based ceiling insulation.

Some beer enthusiasts have suggested that since there has been home brewing at the White House since Obama has been President that bottles be released for charitable auction.  But considering the recent Freedom of Information Act revelation  of the White House Brew recipes as being extracts as opposed to all grain, this could be novel but disappointing.  Besides it would be acting stupidly (and against Federal law) to release beer for sale (even if for a charitable auction) without jumping through the appropriate regulator hurdles. So don't expect to see Ground Force One swigged among the hoi polloi.  Thus  we may just have to settle for more beer summits in a prospective Obama second term.

White House Beer Summit 2009
Why are so many craft brew aficionados hoppy with President Obama?  It may be coincidental, but hops are a close cousin to cannabis sativa. And Democrats were stoked to win stoner support in 2012.

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