07 September 2012

Wooing Independent Voters

As the 2012 Democrat National Convention concluded in Charlotte, one is left with the impression that the event was intended to rally their base with class envy, the war on women, protecting union jobs (especially in the auto industry) and supporting government “investments” (spending).  This was red meat for the delegates in the hall supporting Democrat nominee President Barack Obama (D-IL), but it is dubious as to whether it wooed the unconvicted and independent voters.

The 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa did not seem to serve up as many partisan pitches.  In fact, much of the base grumbled that Governor Chris Christie (D-NJ) giving the Keynote Address was muzzled as an attack dog for Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA).  But this omission of political red meat may have been intentional.

When an incumbent is up for a re-election, it is usually a referendum on the term.  The economic numbers certainly have not improved during this period, and candidate Obama does not seem to have a real plan to rectify it other than with rhetoric and “hanging in there”.  But Mr. Obama’s 2008 election drew in many independent voters who were sold on the hopey changey thing. Moreover, as Barack Obama was America’s first elected black President, there may be a reluctance to abandon supporting him lest they be charged with racism.   So pointed political pitches might not appeal to reluctantly reticent independents who voted for Mr. Obama.

So the first RNC ad after both convention builds upon the Republican pitch to give permission for Independents to change their minds through a spot entitled: “The Break Up”:

In two months, it will become evident whether this is a matter of stoking the base as Democrats think or appealing to independents

h/t: Steve Breen

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