02 May 2013

Red Twilight-- May Day Protest at the White House

As May 1st drew to a close, a strange sight was seen at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, as a small wave of red flags paraded toward the White House.
Mayday Protest Banner
May Day Protest in front of White House   [Photo: BD Matt]


It turns out that a coalition of lefty groups gathered together to demonstrate for May Day in front of the Peoples’ House.

The group looked very caucasian, pretty privileged (lots of smart phones, I-Pads and expensive cameras to capture the moment).  Presumably, these would be the same useful idiots who would be part of an Occupy experience, except they have recently bathed. 
Crowd shot of May Day White House Protest
Meager May Day Protest in front of White House  [Photo: BD Matt]


While scenic shot may look like the Red Twilight Protest to look like a mass movement, there were less than two hundred participants, mostly youthful individuals who probably  should have been studying for finals.
May Day Obama Gitmo puppet
Obama Giant Puppet at May Day Demonstration in front of White House  [Photo: BD Matt]

What leftist protest would be the same without giant puppets?  Since this was more of a mobile protest, the caricature of President Barack Obama looked pretty two dimensional.  
Code Pink Street Theater
Code Pink Guantanamo Street Theater at White House May Day Protest  [Photo: BD Matt]

The Guantanamo Street Theater part of the show looked like it was sponsored by Code Pink.  They should be happy considering Mr. Obama’s renewed push to close Guantanamo.  But didn’t President Obama sign an order on his first day in office in 2009 to do so?  Imagine President Obama not keeping his word!
Wobby Red Flag before  White House
IWW demonstator waving Wobbly Flag at May Day Protest at White House  [Photo: BD Matt]

The “wobbly” Red Flag is from the Industrial Workers of the World, a “one big union” organization which was established in America in 1905.   As of 2005, the “Wobblies” have about 5,000 members in their anti-free market union, whereas the AFL-CIO has 13 million members.
Parade of Red Flags
Parade of red flags at May Day protest in front of the White House  [photo: BD Matt]
Media Scrum
Media moment at the May Day protest at the White House   [Photo: BD Matt]
There was a media scrum for a vocal agi-prop individual.  During these encounter, liquid was being thrown toward the police as the demonstrators periodically chanted “Pigs go home.”  It sound be noted that anarchistic protesters often fill water bottles with urine as projectiles for police.  

No wonder Concord, Massachusetts recently banned bottled water --“The Acquafina is coming.”  This is a sad indictment of the cradle of liberty, when patriots defended their freedom from a tyrannical British government who were going to disarm them. 
Police Ready
Police keeping order at the White House May Day protest  [Photo: BD Matt]

Law Enforcement Officers looked ready to stop the charade by taking out plastic handcuffs for the persistent protestors without a permit.

While the White House May Day Protest looked like it was a made for media moment, the violence in Seattle for May Day may be more telling.  

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