13 February 2008

Word to Your Mother

An anecdotal item from The New York Observer shows that Hillary’s protest against Shuster’ “Pimping Chelsea” reached its target audience with a vengeance.

While Tucker Carlson waited in line to vote in his upper Northwest DC precinct, a middle-aged woman standing next to him recognized the host of MSNBC’s “Tucker” and began to berate him for the network’s coverage of Hillary. The irate Washingtonian indicated that when you pick on Hillary Clinton then you pick on all women.

Poor Tucker. It was not even his quip, it was just his reporters' round table. Such withering criticism from the DC upper crust might crush all the good will that he earned from his appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

So Hillary can win strong sympathy without moistening her eyes. But can she keep that constituency in the wake of Obama-mania? And does this media flap make an impact in the center of the country, where the bulk of next primaries are being held?

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