11 February 2008

Weekend Clean Sweep

In the Democrats Semi Super Saturday and Sunday Barack Obama took the Nebraska, Washington and Maine caucuses by wide margins. Obama also won the Louisiana Primary. The delegate count is quite close, but The Politico estimates that Obama has 1087 and Hillary has 1125 of the 2025 delegates needed to win.

To top off the weekend clean sweep, Obama beat Presidents Clinton and Carter by winning the Grammy for best Spoken Word Album. Obama’s reading of The Audacity of Hope beat Maya Angelou’s Celebration, Alan Alda’s Things I Overhear When I Talk to Myself, Jimmy Carter’s Sunday Morning in Plains and Bill Clinton’s Giving.

Since all of nominated works for the Spoken Word Grammy are from noted liberals, I am dubious that the Grammy was actually awarded for artistic merit. The Academy was more likely an artistic caucus of who is their cultural and political leader. This continues the groundswell for Obama from left leaning activists who are outsiders.

Is there still time for Obama to be awarded an Oscar? Surely, someone can nominate the Junior Senator from Illinois for the Nobel Peace Prize. Pundits have likened Senator Obama to being a rock star. Maybe he can host a big charity concert. But that would mean that he would endorse a theme other than “Change”.

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