10 February 2008

What Not to Wear

The latest edition of US Weekly features a four page photo spread of Hillary Rodham Clinton exploring some of her worst outfits ever.

Hillary poked fun at some of her fashion disasters, like the multi-colored coat that she wore during her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate, by saying: “I’m a big believer in recycling–even carpets!” Truer words have never been spoken.

While the photo gallery does include the psychedelically striped pants from her days at Wellseley College in the sixties, the pictorial mercifully avoids snapshots of seventies sensibilities of coke bottle glasses. There are a few shots from her White House days that might have required a fashion intervention from Clinton and Stacy at TLC.

It’s a great move to mock your fashion disasters. When you’ve been in the national spotlight for over sixteen years, some bold stylistic statements just look bad in retrospect. The writer of the puff piece implied that her pantsuits have won plaudits. I guess that the magazine did not seek comments from Senator John Edwards.

I especially appreciated the third photo from the slideshow. Hillary’s outfit for her husband’s 1993 Presidential Inaugural Parade mixed a red checked wool suit with a Paddington Bear Blue hat. It was the inspiration for my Kitchen Witch.

For anyone wondering why a Kitchen Witch is riding an oar instead of a broom, please note that the paddle is labeled “S.S. Whitewater”.

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