24 December 2010

Blame It On The Bush Book

The Daily Mail is reporting that Decision Points, the Presidential memoir by George W. Bush, has sold more than two million copies in less than two months.  This spectacular sales figure was attained even before the book was released in paperback.

Despite vitriolic barbs from comedians that Bush could not read much less write, George W. Bush took an unconventional approach to accounting for the formative moments of his life and his Presidency.   Instead of giving a chronological history, Bush wrote about 12 decision points that considered the pros and cons of his choices.  Bush  took an unvarnished recollection to these subjects, which ranged from deciding not to drink anymore to finding his faith, as well as military action in Afghanistan and Iran.

In comparison, President Bill Clinton’s memoir My Life has managed to rack up 2.2 million since it was released in 2004.

It seems that the puckish CBS Morning Show graphic that “W” had not made one good decision during his eight years does not ring true with the public.  Perhaps it would not be expedient to blame it on Bush this time?

UPDATE 01/01/11  According to Alex Parenee from Salon on MSNBC/DNC, "43"'s book sold so well because he was so hated people wanted to find out his side of the story and that he could only write 500 pages rather than the 1,000 page brick which represented Bill Clinton's life.

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