12 December 2010

Jule-tide Jihad in Stockholm

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A car bomb and a homicide bomber blew up in central Stockholm on Saturday evening. So far, the homicide bomber died along with two innocent people being injured.  Swedish officials labeled the incident a terrorist crime.  Assuredly Vikings were not responsible.

The car bomb was set off at about 5 PM on Drottinggatan Street that was filled with Christmas shoppers.  One witness asserted that a man said something in Arabic before the car containing liquified gas cannister exploded.  About 10 minutes later, a homicide bomber detonated about 300 meters away, which killed a man wearing a keffiyah.

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt posted on Twitter: “Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack. Failed - but could have been truly catastrophic”.  The explosion may have been inadvertently exploded too early, as the bombers knapsack filled with nails failed to act as a pipe bomb.

The bombings were thought to be the work of Taimor Abdulwahab Al-Abdaly, a 28 year old Iraqi born resident of Sweden who had previously gone to university in Luton, England.  Apparently, the bomber had been aculturated enough to give a 10 minute warning e-mail to a Swedish news agency and Swedish security.

The e-mail had voice file attachments in Arabic and Swedish which the sender noted that he had traveled to the Middle East to prepare for jihad.  The email encouraged others to become majahidin (Isamist fighters) by asserting “Our actions will speak for themselves... Now your children, daughers and sisters will die like our borthers and sisters and children are dying.”  The email gave a smorgasbord of excuses for launching the terrorist attack, from opposing Sweden’s 500 troop contribution to the conflict in Afghanistan to not condeming Lars Vilk’s 2007 caricature of the prophet Mohammed.

The Stockholm attacks mirror the targeting priorities from other recent radicalized Islamist attacks.   Al-Abdaly’s background in Luton may provide a key, as the British 7/7 bombers gathered in Luton before doing the London Transport bombings in 2005.  The Christmas attack angle echos this November’s failed Portland, Oregon bombing by Mohammed Mohammed. It also shows the same targeting of innocent women and children as this spring’s failed Times Square bombing.

Instead of suffering from a form of Stockholm Syndrom by dismissing the bombings of the work of a crazed lone wolf, the Swedish government is cautiously pursuing this as an act of terrorism.  Swedish intelligence has been on alert due to reports al-Qaida have been trying to recruit young Swedes to fight in Somalia.  Swedish intelligence has been on alert due to reports al-Qaida have been trying to recruit young Swedes to fight in Somalia.   B acknowledging this as an act of terrorism, the threat from radicalized Islamists will be taken seriously.  If the center-right Swedish government does quickly withdraw their ancillary military support from Afghanistan, it will clearly have succumbed to dhimmitude.

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