22 December 2010

See B.S. Decision Points

When referring to President George W. Bush’s new bestselling autobiography Decision Points, the C.B.S. News Sunday Morning Program showed a mocking mock cover from "The Drudge Retort".  The fake cover managed to misspell the title and also includes a subtitle “How I Managed to Go Eight Years Without Making a Good Decision."

At the beginning of the year, Media Matters, a liberal media “watchdog” group, wondered if CBS just cut and pasted from the the Drudge Report.  Perhaps that arts and crafts project was more accurate than cribbing from the New York Times after the Jayson Blair brouhaha.

Press flacks at the Black Rock excused their error by claiming that "it's a mistake no one could see because you'd have to freeze the frame to notice it," while claiming that they will be more careful in the future.  Obviously, they are oblivious to their West Coast counterparts since a recent episode of CBS hit comedy  "S#@! My Dad Says" nearly had a character fired from his journalistic job for slipping funny fake names past the fact checker and getting published. Maybe CBS should not have laid off so many fact checkers when they executed cost cutting measures in February.

But it is dubious that this insulting error was an oversight by the Research Desk.  It is more likely a little joke by producers that was either not removed before broadcast or calculated to be so minute that no one would notice it.  The Tiffany Network has been plagued with a prolonged animus against the 43rd President of the United States, as was prominently displayed during the Rather-Gate forged National Guard documents scandal during the 2004 Presidential campaign.

Katie and company can try Cipro, the prophylactic remedy that Tom Brokaw took in 2001 when the media was under siege.  It may also be effective against their chronic case of Bush Derangement Syndrome but is totally useless admitting bias or taking responsibility for journalistic malpractice.

Via: The Daily Caller
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