20 June 2011

More Weiner Weaseling?

After three weeks of twisting in the wind over  prevaricating over sending risque Twitter messages to women over the internet along with  his unseemly package photos, Rep.  Anthony Weiner (D-NY 9th) announced that he would give up his seat...in Congress.  Instead of quietly resigning in disgrace, the lewd legislator made a campaign like press conference at the venue where he first announced for public office.  Some political pundits opined that Weiner might have intended the occasion as a sort of political relaunching.  But this rebranding exercise was marred by a shock jock heckler who offered a fond farewell to a “freak”.  After this botched presser, Weiner left for the Hamptons in a limo with his wife riding alone in back.  Perhaps gave truth to Weiner’s contention that his lovely wife Huma was behind him.

Perhaps it is understandable that Weiner did not send a letter to Speaker John Boehner (R-OH 8th) immediately on late Thursday afternoon, as his Capitol Hill staff had evacuated the day before with their belongings. The assurances that the Weiner offices will be open for business makes some sense to continue to pursue constituent services.   But where is the letter of resignation?

Weiner does not have discernable skills other than being a political animal.  Weiner’s education was in PolySci, he worked as a legislative assistant to then Congressman now senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY 9th), served on the New York City Council and won Chuck Schumer’s seat.  Weiner had been a fiesty partisan, both on the House floor as well as on talking heads shows. But the prurient problem combined with a lack of friends among his partisans make his future private sector job prospects tenuous, unless he gets hired as an act to follow Keith Olbermann on Al Gore’s CurrentTV or takes that job with Larry Flynt and Hustler.

Each day that passes increases Weiner’s future pension, much to the derision of the public.  It is dubious that Weiner is trying to hold on to his post for nickle and dime supplements for his retirement. After all of his lying about his Tweets, the shamelessness of holding on to the post and brashness of his campaign like relaunch resignation speech, Weiner may be weaseling for political advantage.  

Ordinarily when a Congressional Seat is vacant in New York state, the Governor calls for a special election, where the party bosses pick one candidate and it is a winner take all stakes.  In recent special elections in the Empire State, country Republican bosses have picked RINOS or weak candidates which lost what should be safe seats.  But due to serendipitous timing and the need for Governor Andrew Cuomo to fill open Assembly seats, there way be an off-year election.  In that procedure, candidates would need to file valid petition signatures by July 14th, the Democrat primary would be September 13th and the general election on November 8th.

Weiner and friends may be working the Governor out of the limelights to call for an off-year election instead of a special election. This may include the Clintons. After all, Huma is close to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ex-President Bill Clinton married the couple in 2010 and Gov. Cuomo was Secretary of HUD during Clinton’s Presidency.

If polls are to be believed, a solid majority did not want Weiner to go.  Moreover, Weiner has the campaign infrastructure to get his name on the ballot and he certainly has name recognition.  If the timing for calling the off year election is right, other Democrat candidates could have trouble getting their petitions in on time.  And Cook Report rates the 9th Congressional District as D+5 which is an easier row to hoe for the randy representative.  If it works out, Weiner would only lose about four months pension.  As our 42nd President might say–“Hot Dog!”

But this political ploy might inspire the New York legislature, which needs to eliminate two Congressional seats (including one downstate) to eliminate the boundries of New York 9.  That would be quite the Weiner roast. But in the short run, that prospect may discourage other candidates from running for the seat.  Which would be the gift that keeps on giving, having a dispicable, discredited Democrat who has no friends in the donkey caucus and little prospects be the poster boy for the House minority in the 2012 election cycle. This prospect would cause the GOP in Fantasyland on the Potomac to hum “Hot Dog” too.

Via: New York Daily News

UPDATE  6/20 16:45  Weiner sent his two line resignation letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo & the NY Secretary of State that he is resigning as of midnight Tuesday.

But is this resignation official? A heads up to the State officials who are deciding whether to hold a special election or an off year election to fill the seat.  Surely a POLYSCI major and a former L.A. to the House of Representatives  should realize that an official resigning in disgrace needs to notify the Majority Leadership of the Chamber from which Weiner is withdrawing.  

Maybe Weiner will try to  tweet his resignation to Speaker Boehner and bring a tear to his eye.

UPDATE 6/22  Gov. Cuomo called for a Special Election on September 13th, which means that there will be no primary election and party bosses choose the candidates.  Hence,  any Weiner comeback will likely be elsewhere.

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