03 November 2010


There are reports that there may be significant voter fraud occurring in California 20 that would overturn election results.  On election night, Republican challenger Andy Vidak beat three term incumbent Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA 20th) by 2% with all 564 precincts reporting.   Now there is talk that 150,000 uncounted drop-off votes have been “found” in Fresno and Bakersfield, urban areas that will lean heavily Democrat.  There are perhaps 80,000 other votes uncounted too.

Not all of the 150,000 votes of the found ballots will be for CA-20.  Even if only 1/4 of the votes are for the district, it is shocking to have 35,000 votes mysteriously appear.  It makes one wonder what is the real story.

This may show a flaw in California’s process to have permanent absentee ballots.  Traditionally, a voter needed to request that an absentee ballot is sent.  Now the ballots are automatically sent and dropped off to election offices.  Could this be like scam that Brian Murphy campaign manager perpetrated in PA-08?  Voters received absentee ballots from the “Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Center” with a return address run by the Murphy campaign manager.

The extremely large number of uncounted found ballots from Democrat leaning districts makes one wonder if SEIU or Acorn was involved.

While more facts and additional sourcing will add credibility to the story, the initial reports are from John Batchelor, one of the most elitist Republican voices in the media.  This is a story that should be watched.  If it’s true, it could have significant effects on positions up the statewide ballot and may be a vanguard of other state-wide shenanigans.

UPDATE 11/04   Bakersfield.com quotes Kern County Auditor Comptroller Ann Barnett that a remarkable 40,000 ballots by mail and provisional ballots were delivered, which seems to comprise over 38% of ballots cast.  What raises eyebrows is the the circumstance that tears and other damage to ballots have required workers to duplicate an extraordinary number of ballots and process those copies. It makes me wonder if voter's intent was transcribed or if the ballots were manufactured. 

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