01 November 2010

Restoring Sanity Crowd Mocked By a Malapropism

While I did not hike to the National Mall to watch the Comedy Central happening, otherwise known as the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, I did watch the proceedings on C-SPAN.  It made my eyes bleed.  During three hours of showtime, it barely elicited a laugh. Why must the rally of the self-appointed intelligencia rally always include a giant puppet? And  the Colbert/Stewart mock jingoistic song was so painful to my ears that I had Ishtar flashbacks.

 Personally, I wanted to get a refund for the time that I spent watching it, but I’m happy if the event amused others. I find myself in agreement with Bill Press who likened the Colbert/Stewart show as "a big masturbation festival on the national mall" that will divert liberals from working for Democrat candidates on a crucial weekend before the election when the stakes are so high. Stewart claimed that he wanted to attract a mob of moderates but his torch of sanity seemed to overwhelmingly attract liberals out to have a good time.

By not visiting the Mall, I missed out on watch the flock of fans that freely flew their freak flags. Maybe it was an excuse for many extroverts to get another days mileage out of their Halloween costumes.  I saw snippets of signs in the coverage.  Of course, there were the obligatory Republicans as Nazis signage carried by the angry liberals. But most of the signs had an air of post-modern irony.  Some critics have dubbed it Smugapalooza.  Most of their Socratic irony was supercilious.   That is why I was most I was so amused by the video from the Second City crew.

Perhaps I’m jaundiced by my time spent on Houghton St., London WC1 but I loved watching haughty hipsters flummoxed by a “Obama is a Keynesian” sign.  Too clever by half!

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