21 January 2009

Biden as Court Jester

Before administering the Oath of Office to senior White House staffers, Vice President Biden could not resist taking a jibe at Chief Justice John Robert’s verbal miscue from President Obama’s Inauguration.

As Biden took center stage, the Vice President quipped "My memory is not as good as Chief Justice Roberts'." The White House staffers groaned at the gaffe as President Obama scowled and looked visibly uncomfortable.

I’m certain that the Biden thought that he was being funny. His buffoonish bloviating during Senate hearings often took such a jocular tone. His impulse to be a witty wonder ignores Richard Neustadt’s policy making insight “Where you stand is where you sit”. Namely, Biden is no longer the mildly amusing politico elbowing his way for face time on Sunday Morning shows, he is the Vice President of the United States. Words matter.

While I doubt that the lamestream media has tired of being in the Globama buble, such off-hand remarks could steal the show from the President’s message of the day in the future. Moreover, it is not a wise idea for a Veep to cause derision with another co-equal branch of the government.

If the Gaffemaster keeps it up, he may find himself unwillingly set to an undisclosed location for “security” reasons. More likely, he could be told to take a low profile and only appear at foreign State funerals.

On the other hand, Biden could be a useful idiot for the President to be the designated target for late night comedians, who find it difficult to make light of our Dear Leader but they must feed the beast each night.

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