21 January 2009

Getting Carried Away at the Capitol Hill Inauguration Lunch

The Politico is reporting that Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) was removed in his wheelchair in Statuary by medical personnel during the Congressional Luncheon for President Obama. Reportedly, the 91 year old Senator was having trouble eating but remained conscious.

At the end of the Inauguration Luncheon, Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MA) collapsed with a seizure and was carried out. Last year Kennedy, the 76 year old Senator, had surgery on a brain tumor. President Obama left with Kennedy but then came back to the Luncheon. ABC News indicates that Senator Dodd was laughing as Kennedy was transferred into the ambulance which indicates that the seizure might not be serious just bad timing.

There are conflicting reports by CBS News that indicate that Byrd was so distraught by Kennedy’s seizure that he had to be taken away.

Senator Byrd is the Speaker Pro-Temp of the Senate and is third in line of Presidential succession.

Consider that Vice President Biden surrendered his Senate seat in Delaware, Illinois Governor Rod Blogojevich named Senator Roland Burris to fill President Obama’s Senate seat. Then there is Ken Salazar's Senate seat in Colorado which is open now that he is Obama's Secretary of the Interior-designate. New York Governor David Paterson seems poised to name Carolyn Kennedy to fill Senator Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat once the Secretary of State designate is confirmed. Isn’t this change enough? The tenuous health of these two Senators potentially means that there may be six appointed Democrat Senators facing re-election in 2010.

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