21 January 2009

Swearing Again

According to MSNBC-Obama, President Obama took the Oath of Office again from Chief Justice John Roberts at the White House. According to White House Counsel Greg Craig, this second swearing was acting in “an abundance of caution” after Chief Justice transposed some words during the Inauguration ceremony on the West steps of the Capitol.

The ceremony was held in the Map Room. Obama did not have the Lincoln Bible with him. This time, when Justice Roberts asked Obama if he was ready to take the oath, Obama said “Yes I am. And we are going to do this very slowly”. Both Constitutional Scholars were able to repeat the 35 word oath without any missteps this time. And neither needed a Tele-Prompter.

Alas, this properly uttered Oath still will not satisfy those who keep litigating the validity of Obama’s election since he has not shown a birth certificate proving that he was born in the United States or that he is a naturalized citizen.

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