22 January 2009

Don’t You Know?

The New York Post is reporting the Caroline Kennedy (Schossberg) withdrew her name from consideration for the Junior Senator for New York job. Caroline, the daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy, reportedly made the move when she heard that she was no longer a shoe-in for the nomination from New York Governor David Paterson (D-NY). By making the announcement, she presumes that she will not look like she was snubbed.

Governor Paterson seems to have been swayed by Caroline’s poor performances in media availabilities, like when she said “You Know” 143 times in a 45 minute interview. It is said that Caroline was not impressive during her private meetings with officials.

This move is surprising. The New York U.S. Senate seat has been gravitating towards star power, as exemplified by the success of Hillary Clinton. In addition, whoever is appointed to the seat will have to run for the remainder of the Senate term in 2010 and then (presumably) for re-election in 2012, so the person better have fund-raising prowess. Governor Paterson has been called the accidental Governor, as he took over after Governor Elliot Spitzer resigned from his high class call girl scandal in 2008, so his fortunes might have been buoyed by running with self financing star power like Kennedy-Schlossberg. Besides, President Obama offered Caroline encouragement to make a play for the position.

Paterson indicated that he was still considering New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo (D-NY), son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, for the now vacant Senate slot. But there are still 15 elected New York Democrats who are poised to garner the position.

Offering the position to Cuomo would be wonderfully Machiavellian, as Cuomo may be primed to run against Paterson in the Democratic primaries for Governor. Despite having a famous name, Cuomo has experience both as state Attorney General as well as being HUD Secretary during the 2nd Clinton Administration. And I'll bet that he does not vote sporadically in elections.

Paterson may make his decision by the weekend.

Several hours later, AP floating a story from an unnamed source that Princess Caroline is still in contention for the seat. Has the "personal reason" that prompted Caroline's withdrawal have been solved or was pressure brought from on high to reconsider the scion of Camelot?

In response to this conflicting report, Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg's spokesman issued a one line statement at the midnight hour confirming her withdrawal from consideration.

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