21 January 2009

Change to Govern

[20 Jan. 2009 11h40]

Well, today is the day that Barack Hussein Obama takes the oath of office and becomes America’s 44th President. Hearing excerpts of inaugural exuberance by the lamestream media, due to his African heritage, Obama will become the world’s President.

While that may be overstating it, it is understandable that supporters bask in the glow of the moment. I can revel at a few things. Today marks the end of “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, a mental disorder that has affected the left since the Florida re-count of 2000 and was exacerbated by the cynical “Bush Lied, People Died” campaign after the Iraq War ended to prevent his re-election.

So many Obamatons supported their man because he was an empty vessel into which they poured their hopes, their dreams and their racial pride. Based on Obama’s voting record, he is a man of the left, but he has relished opportunities to avoid taking a stand so he can seem appealing to all. Today that changes. Obama will have to assume responsibility for his actions, and inaction. That means alienating people, including his own base. I think the media will continue the cult of the Dear Leader, but wears thin when the rubber meets the road of reality.

I hope that President Obama can keep America strong and secure in the world, but I can not countenance measures that take us on the track to a state-drive (socialist) economy. Did we not learn from the Great Depression that FDR’s governmental make work and erratic experimentation only prolonged the economic downturn?

Using a Max Headroom-like crystal ball (seeing only 20 minutes into the future), here is what I expect the new President to do in the first 100 hours:

  • Obama will announce that he is withdrawing combat troops from Iraq. That way, he fulfills a campaign promise at little cost. President Bush’s troop surge in 2008 won the fight against the insurgents. I suspect that “combat troops” does not mean total military withdrawal, so military advisors and national building forces will continue to be there with a Iraqi government blessing.
  • Obama will proclaim that he will close Gitmo during his term. I expect major wiggle room, so that he can claim that he is closing Camp Delta in Cuba but it may take four years. Naturally, he can always claim that he did not know about the seriousness of matters before being President and quietly drag his feet. The Obama obsessed lamestream media will not hold their Dear Leader’s feet to the fire.
  • Obama will sign an Executive Order enforcing the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA), basically enshrining pro-abortion laws through Presidential fiat. This pays off womens’ groups and honors what Rush Limbaugh calls the sacrament of Liberalism, the right of a pregnant woman to kill what becomes human life for any reason.

The first two proclamations I think will issued with great sound and fury and will signify nothing. The latter should challenge Social Justice advocates who supported Obama for identifying with the downtrodden and vulnerable, but not with the defenseless unborn humans.

In short, elections have consequences. But change also has consequences. And President Obama will no longer have the luxury of voting “Present” as he has often done in the past.

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