16 October 2010

Brown Locks Up the Illegals Vote

During a Brown for Governor Rally at UCLA which featured an appearance by former President Bill Clinton, Jerry Brown exuberantly exclaimed before a friendly University crowd:

“We have enough wealth to continue to have a great university and get every kid into this school that can qualify. Now when I say every young man and young woman, I mean everyone – whether they are documented or not. If they went to school, they ought to be here."

This modest proposal overshadows the joint appearance with the beloved impeached chief executive.  Clearly Brown thinks that he can lock up the illegals' (and possibly the Hispanic demographic) support by this extravagant promise for a bankrupt state.

Public sector unions (like Teachers Unions) received generous pension packages courtesy of recalled Governor Gray Davis (D-CA). Unfortunately, these legally enforceable promises account for $500 billion in unfunded liabilities. Over the past year, Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger (R-CA) has had trouble implementing unpaid furloughs for state workers because of the budget crisis. Many California taxpayers received IOUs for rebates on State Income Tax filings because there was not enough money in the state coffers. Yet Brown, who was nicknamed Governor Moonbeam during his prior term in office from 1975-83, thinks that there is enough wealth to accommodate every qualified student into the California University System.

Is it any wonder that Brown’s 1992 Presidential campaign used the telephone number 1-800-NUTCAKE?

I doubt that this story will be virtually ignored in the Lamestream Media, as it is easier to cover the Maid Up (sic) agitprop pushed by Gloria Allred or the sexist slur that the Brown campaign leveled against opponent Meg Whitman (R-CA)  at the end of a fundraising phone message.

Yet Brown still seems to have a lead over his Republican rival by slightly more than the margin of error.  Based on that polling, it may be Back to the Future for California, but the theme will be by the Rolling Stones LP “Sucking in the Seventies”.

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