12 October 2010

Hail to the Freak Show

Notwithstanding the partisan pap that has been on the TOTUS (Teleprompter of the United States), President Barack Obama’s Get Out the Vote campaign appearances has been a bit of a grotesquerie.

President Obama spoke before a friendly crowd at Bowie State University in Maryland last week and three dozen people fainted. There was speculation that it was an unusually warm day. Sorry, it was sunny with a high of only 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Pictures from the rally show people in t-shirts and not the layered look. I suspect that the appearance organizers wanted to pack the 5,000 participants into a compact area so that the optics appeared like a massive crowd. Still, it allowed Mr. Obama to emote concern from the stage for another fainter.

During a joint appearance of President Obama and Vice President Biden in Philadelphia, Juan Rodriguez managed to divest himself of his clothes. It seems that the streaker had his eyes on the was trying to win a $1 million prize from an internet dare. He was released on $10,000 bail but had to leave the jail in an orange jumpsuit has there were no clothes held for him after incarceration.

Another odd moment at the Philly rally was when a book was directly thrown at President Obama. The picture shows that Mr. Obama was utterly oblivious to the projectile tome. Judging from the broad smile on his face, he might have still been considering the streaker situation. Enquiring minds want to know what book was flung at the Commander in Chief. The Secret Service reported that an overanxious author threw the book at the President to either get Mr. Obama to read the work or to sign the book. The Secret Service will neither release the name of the author nor the title lest the writer scores undue publicity. With the rowdy crowds in Philadelphia, it seems like the rally was taking place at a sports venue.

Considering the vibes of the electorate prior to the midterms, it might be more beneficial for Democrats to highlight the freak show rather than focus on the issues.

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