12 October 2010

Transformers Accidentally Meet their Match

Columbus Day was the perfect day for a movie shoot in the Nation’s Capital. Federal Workers had the day off for the Federal Holiday. It was an Indian Summer day with very warm temperatures and sunshine. And the leaves are starting to change color but not yet falling.

There were news reports that Transformers 3 was going to be filming between the beltways, so we should expect short but periodic road closures. Unfortunately, that word did not reach everyone in the Metropolitan Police Department which caused some unscripted drama on the set.

A 25 year veteran MPD senior explosive ordinance technician was answering a call about a suspicious package nearby the Capitol. He was rushing to the scene and his marked police SUV collided with a yellow Camaro (a.k.a.) at Third and Maryland, SW. Fortunately, both drivers were able to walk away from the crash and the officer only sustained minor injuries. Production on the film has been halted until safety procedures are reviewed.

Since the Decepticons can not kill Bumblebee, perhaps they should look into a police edition of a Chevy Suburban.

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