18 October 2010

Welcome to La Casa de Maryland

During a debate sponsored by the Washington Post between Maryland Gubernatorial candidates, Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD) deflected a question about punishing illegal aliens by referring to them as “New Americans”.  Republican challenger, former Governor Bob Ehrlich (R-MD) bristled at the euphimism of calling illegal aliens as “New Americans”.  While Ehrlich was enthusiastic about legal immigration, he chaffed at the characterization of illegal immigrants as simply “New Americans”.  Erlich made an inspired analogy that “If someone breaks into your home, are they considered to be new members of your family?”

Ehrlich attacked O’Malley for supporting an organization that encourages illegal behavior, namely the Casa de Maryland.  Supercillious fact checkers claim that Casa de Maryland did advocate illegal activity, but the organization opposes the enforcement of deportation order and trains their constituents on their rights during immigration raids.

Maryland is not a border state, so it does not face the intense immigration problems that Arizona faces.  But as the example of Prince William County, Virginia’s crackdown on illegal aliens, they tend to leave less welcoming places and are attracted to friend places.  Considering O’Malley’s eight point lead in the polls and his unflinching support for “New Americas” regardless of status, the Casa de Maryland had better prepare for many more guests to avail themselves to the hospitality of the “Free State” taxpayers’ infrastructure and social services.

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