11 October 2010

NOW Is That A Way to Treat a Woman?

Meg Whitman, the Republican gubernatorial candidate in California is an accomplished businesswoman who holds progressive social views. Nevertheless, the National Organization for Woman (NOW) decided to endorse her opponent Jerry Brown (D-CA) for Governor.

This NOW endorsement for Brown was released hours after a news story broke about a tape revealing Jerry Brown and his staff referring to Whitman as a “whore” regarding policy issues without reproach. While such sexist locker room talk amongst campaign staff may occur in the heat of a campaign, having such misogynist monikers caught on tape is both embarrassing and revealing of character. After being caught, the Brown campaign apologized if anyone was offended. Yet these strikes against Brown apparently are no import to NOW.

Meg Whitman was the CEO of Hewlett Packard, a Fortune 500 company. Whitman is pro-abortion, which is the sine qua non position for NOW. Whitman’s opponent reveals himself by slurring women with whom he disagrees. What more could she do to win plaudits from an group which calls itself the National Organization for Women? Maybe she could become a Democrat?

NOWs duplicity about supporting Democrats against respect for women was echoed by NOW’s staunch support of former President Bill Clinton during his impeachment for lying about consensual sex with a subordinate intern in the workplace during judicial proceedings.

Clearly, NOW is a partisan organization. NOW’s California Chapter President Patty Bellasalma called Brown’s language an insult, but she managed to turn the tables and accuse Whitman of conducting a cheap gender based campaigning. For good measure, Bellasalma seemed to defend the meat of Brown’s comment in context yet she was chary not to call Whitman a whore.

I wish that the Lamestream Media would note this when they look for comments about public policy issues and examine how NOW can be acting contrary to their memberships’ interest.

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