31 October 2010

DOJ on AK Write-Ins

The National Review Online published an outstanding legal analysis by Hans A. von Spakovsky, a former commissioner of the Federal Elections Commission, regarding the many irregularities in the Alaska Division of Elections actions to facilitate Write-In candidates.  Von Spakovsky contends that the powers that be in the Alaska Division of Elections and the DOJ "show a dangerous willingness to bend regulations in furtherance of political objectives."

The Obama Administration's Attorney General Eric Holder has been running the Department of Justice in a polemic manner, especially in election issues.  The DOJ  Civil Rights Division dropped prosecution of the Black Panther's Philadelphia Voter Intimidation case at sentencing (after the case was already won) amidst rumblings from some whistleblowing ethical attorneys that reverse discrimination cases would not be pursued.  Moreover, the DOJ has sent poll watchers to certain precincts in Arizona after anti-illegal immigration groups wanted to prevent election fraud. I am unsure whether the letter of the law matters much if it is counter to the winds of Hope and Change.

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