09 October 2010

Critics Have Been Hard on Spitzer's New Show

Last week, disgraced former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) launched “Parker Spitzer”, a prime time news program on CNN that he co-hosts along with slightly right of center anchor Kathleen Parker. Reviews have been harsh from the Lamestream Media. The word from other interested parties have been scathing.

Kristin Davis, formerly of Manhattan Madam fame, gives Spitzer’s performance a thumbs down. She said “Spitzer is as boring on TV as he is in bed.”. The ex Manhattan Madam thinks that she ought to know as she claims Spitzer as one of her clients. It is important to recognize that Ms. Davis is currently running for Eliot Spitzer’s old seat as Governor of New York and could use some publicity.

Parker Spitzer has experienced difficulty in attracting ratings, so Spitzer has tried to stir up trouble by needling Rush Limbaugh hoping to get a mention or some negative publicity to get viewers. Limbaugh refused to mention Parker Spitzer until Friday when CNN had agreed to buy a week’s worth of advertising on Limbaugh’s syndicated radio show at the retail rate. Rush and Spitzer sure make strange bedfellows, but at least Ditto-heads will hear about something on CNN.

Spitzer had better not get comfortable in his niche at CNN. It is reported that Katie Couric is looking to leave the CBS Evening News. CBS is considering buying out Couric’s contract when it expires in May 2011. But Couric is already shopping herself around, including the possibility of rejoining the Today Showon NBC where she excelled. But CNN officials have not been pleasedwith the early performance of “Parker Spitzer” and may be looking to land Couric for that coveted 8 PM Eastern timeslot.

While I appreciate that there is a revolving door for some in the political field to come into a home in the media. In fact, there have been several high profile examples of late, including former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK), former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) and former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-FL) to mention but a few. But the aforementioned individuals can project an appealing persona and they were not attached to significant scandal.

Spitzer strikes me as an intense, ideological attorney, which is an odd choice for the host of a round table news show in prime time. But it was only two and a half years ago when Eliot Spitzer hurriedly resigned in disgrace after it was revealed that he had been regularly using the Emperor’s Club, a high priced call girl service. Based on the cat calls from critics, this dirty laundry has not been forgotten about and it jaundices our opinions. If the show had any redeeming qualities, this could be overcome. But I suspect that CNN will be yanking Parker Spitzer off-stage sooner rather than later.

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