21 October 2010

South Park Terrorist Pleads Guilty

Zachary Adam Chesser, whose nom de guerre is Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, pleaded guilty to crimes communicating threats, soliciting violence and aiding a terrorist organization stemming in part from his jihad against South Park creators.  Chesser faces up to 30 years in federal prison when he is sentenced on February 25th.

Chesser is a 20 year old Bristow, Virginia man who dropped out of his foreign language studies at George Mason University, married a Muslim woman he met in college and adopted jihad as a new interest.  Chesser twice traveled to Somalia to join al-Shabab, the terrorist group warring against the UN and US backed transitional government in Somalia.  Prosecutors argued that on one trip Chesser flew with his infant son to Mogadishu so as to obscure his intentions.

Domestically, Chesser ran a number of jihadi websites that called for violence against Americans.  But Chesser drew significant attention to himself when he responded to a South Park episode that he thought defamed the Prophet Mohammed by portraying him in a bear suit. Chesser’s internet posting suggested that Trey Parker and Matt Stone might end up like Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, who was brutally murdered by a Muslim thug upset at Van Gogh’s 10 minute film “Submission”. Moreover, Chesser posted links that revealed Stone’s and Parker’s home addresses.

ABC News notes that Chesser highlights the spike in homegrown terrorists who have been radicalized on the internet.  The FBI Intelligence Assessment on the Radicalization Process notes that disaffected individuals can be cultivated towards jihad by alienating them from their former life, indoctrinating them with an extremist form of the Islamic religious, cultural and political tenants and willing candidates adopt the indoctrination.

Juan Williams lost his job at NPR by recognizing his own apprehensions at apprehensions in an airport with passengers who outwardly identify themselves as Muslims.  After our collective experience over the last decade with 9/11, the Shoe Bomber, the British Liquid Bombers conspirators and the Fruit of the Kaboom bomber, it is not another isolated incident that certain segments of society seem to be hot for jihad. But are well along the road to dhimmi-tude when we are becoming paralyzed by political correctness in acknowledging the threat or doing anything that might cause offense to jihadists.

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